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      1. Thank you ever so much Myth. I never know if I’m making a difference. I simply hope that if I can help just 1 person? Then I’m fortunate, blessed and it’s worth it. I thank you again & appreciate your kind words. Have a beautiful day & continued existence! “Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

      2. A lovely Poetess wrote me a public poem when I was leaving the web site where I use to post. She mentioned just what you shared about touching just one life. I had written to her first telling her to write to the world, share your amazing wisdom and experiences! And, She wrote that I may never know just how many lives my words could touch. Of course those words can certainly be applied to all writers! You dear one, are most certainly making a difference. I know not everyone feels emotionally content, but by just taking a quick look at your bright messages, they will linger in ones healing.Your words are appreciated!

      3. (((BOWING GRACEFULLY))) I thank you ever so much Myth. Your words are touching & resonates with me, more than you know.

        I thought last week of shutting down my pages & maybe my blog. I decided to let the Universe decide. I thank you for reaching out & sharing your thoughts & feelings. I said if I only affect just 1 person I will keep at it. Thank you for being that “1”. Blessed🥰❤️💛💚

      4. And there you go! Everything happens as it should! Remember, 1 person! Serena is the amazing poetess over at the Starlite Cafe whom I mentioned. Her poetry is beautiful. She is very friendly if you ever want an extra special person to meet? Derena is her ghost writing name

      5. Whoops… I was correcting auto correct and accidentally hit send… You stay put, each writer here is touching someone’s life, even the negativity that is written can help others to see what they are made of. Strength is so rewarding when held out like a sword. Just imagine if every single piece of literature in the world could be linked together, what would be the message that we all have truly been trying to say?

      6. Thank you Myth. How the Universe confirms & validates, never ceases to tickle and amaze me. Someone else told me today, something similar to exactly what you said on one of my other pages.

        You’re absolutely right regarding the sharing of both sides, the negative & the positive. To find an even balance, one must deal with self & the both of them. It’s what life is made of, the Yin & Yang.

        The literary message must surely be an interesting one indeed my friend. 😌❤️💛💚

      7. Well shoot, what a mess of a reply I had made and it disappeared somehow during the ‘accidental hit send’. You stay put! Always remember that ‘One Person’! I believe that every writer/poet reaches someone. Even those who are writing heartbreak, or lonelyness, or depression, etc. We all need to feel a connection. To know we’re not alone. I felt connected to your positive messages because that is where my life energy has been for for quite awhile now. So thank you for the reflection of your vibrant colors and little shiny billboards of who you are and contribute for a little comfort zone for people to stop to read even if just in passing! Wherever you are is where you are meant to be. Be it only for a moment, or crossing someone else’s path, or sharing your heart felt words with the world! Bless your heart!
        I believe that every writer reaches someone.

      8. Lol, it’s quite alright. I thank you again Myth. It’s always nice to know that someone is taking this “Port (Poet) in the storm” and putting it to some use 😉 Lol, But all jokes aside, it’s nice to know that I’ve reached someone…Anyone.

        I don’t care about likes & making numbers. I care about Love, Life, Humanity & Happiness. I care that even the loneliest of persons know, that they’re really not alone, for someone else is going through or have gone through that very same thing. I care about that person who never knew what real love is or was…Knows That Love is real, free and it exists. That somewhere out there? Someone is sending them positive vibes & love, hoping they hang in there and make it. Yeah, that someone is me, but there are so many other people doing the same thing. All that free, real, strong & everlasting love vibes, flowing their way…It’s a beautiful thing🥰

        I agree. Heartbreak, Loneliness, Depression, etc., all need to be shared, expressed & hopefully help some through it all. I’ve written a few pieces on those areas as well, for we all have been there or witnessed someone else in those situations in life.

        I try to shine that reminder that we all matter, I can feel the pain, I’ve been there, you’re not alone & you can make it, so hang in there. I purposely use pictures & bright colors for a reason. Simply to “WAKE-UP!” That inner light that we all have…Sort of like an internal, subconscious jumpstart. To remind myself & others that we’re in this thing together, so why not help one another along the way and make the best of it.

        Myth, your feedback & input are greatly appreciated & needed (((HUGS))) You keep shining & I will do the same my friend. Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

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