✨🌹Live, Laugh, Love🌹✨

2 thoughts on “✨🌹Live, Laugh, Love🌹✨

  1. I agree Edmark. I am known to laugh when things get negative or even bad. Some think I’m cold, heartless, crazy or think everything’s a joke. It’s so not the case. I’ll get personal for a moment…

    Having been severely abused in my childhood & a lot in my adult life, I laughed. I laughed when I was nervous, scared, facing great pains, to deflect, and to simply keep my sanity through the madness.

    I can recall as a child getting a beating for something I didn’t do, but for simply existing. I laughed as each blow struck me, each kick, each object used to inflict pain. I laughed until my assailant was tired. I laughed because tears made me weaker. Laughter gave me the inner strength to hold on & to keep going. It gave my body a pause in between blows, to breathe & harden my muscles in between strikes…

    It’s kind of why I love comedy so much till this very day & people who can make me laugh until I’m speechless, lol! Laughter also releases the healthy endorphins in the brain. Laughter is healing in so many ways. 🥰 ❤️💛💚

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