“When I need to relax, meditate, & simply level di vibes.” 

Oh, I yell & scream sometimes too, lol!

~Maxwanette A Poetess ❤️💛💚


Life is what it is. Negative, Positive, One Or the Other, or All of the Above. Finding ways to unwind, regroup, “de-stress”, refocus, & recharge is vital to our overall state of BEING. So in other words…


Vent, Let Shit Go – Yes, sometimes this includes people; Energy Vampires – Anyone or Anything that makes you feel less than, draining, ill even in thought, robbing you of Joy & Happiness, is overall just not good for or to you. These types of individuals will rob you of your life’s Essence. LET THEM GO! They can only harm you as they cannot help themselves. Find Healthy, Therapeutic, & Beneficial ways to GET THAT TOXIC MESS OUT!!! I could list many ways (hence, the relaxing wave sounds) that you can try. But do what works for you. If you need a moment of alone time? TAKE IT! Even if it’s just laying down (or sitting), closing your eyes, and let the sounds of the waves relax you right where you are. Stop holding onto those negative vibes. Stretch, release, & remind yourself that YOU COUNT-YOU MATTER-HOLD ON-YOU ARE NOT ALONE-IT WILL GET BETTER. Will It Dammit! Claim it and own it! Don’t continue the destruction of SELF.


Deal With Your Shit – Running, hiding, and or avoiding things, will only give you a bigger Shit-Pile, to deal with later. Trust, that you cannot run forever. Finding healthy ways to overstand things, seeing the lessons, separating what is viewed as good/bad, right/wrong, negative/positive is important to the mental & physical well being. We all know that things swept under the rugs, ignored, denied, or even unknown for whatever reasons, can turn around and bite us in the ass, lol! It may cause pain, most times dealing with things as they are, hurts like F#@ %. But are we being honest with our level of expectations? “Facing those Demons are the only way in which to conquer them.” You may need a friend or loved ones, professional help, or if you’re the recluse type (yes, I’m guilty of this myself at times), then find ways to restrengthen yourself, and that will bring you back to your normal. YOU CAN DO IT. Why? Because, it’s those that are alone and or lonely, that have it the hardest. They only have themselves to lean on. So et things in place, to buffer yourself. Because, dealing with things, can “break you before they make you.”


FORGIVE – You have to forgive yourself; being in situations that damaged your essence of Self, for blaming yourself for things that were or weren’t your fault, & others. Yes, it’s CORNY, but it’s also REAL. You hold onto that grudge, mistake, wrong-doings, that negative energy, and it will take it’s effect on you, one way or another. Forgiveness is more of a self-healer. It affects people in different ways. You can forgive someone and it doesn’t mean shit to them or anyone else. Or it may be the world of unreleased burdens that someone else is carrying. But mostly? It releases the FORGIVER of that weight on their SOUL.


HEAL – Helping others HEALS THE SOUL. That’s just something that works well for all involved. To show someone else love, care, & compassion, especially if you’re feeling blue or in a funk, takes a lot. But it’s so healing that it radiates its overall power. It touches people. I used to have life-sized teddy bears, that I would cry, hug, talk to, & simply relax on. Heck, we even had an argument or two, lol! But, in the privacy of my bedroom, I learned how to HEAL.


LOVE – YOURSELF, enables you to love life and others Healthily. Not that crazy stuff people throw around all over the place, cutting, and damaging Souls, at every movement. That not love. That’s that mess that isn’t working, no matter who’s involved. People say, oh it’s “Unhealthy Love” or that “Painful Love”…BULLSHIT! “REAL LOVE DOES NOT HURT.” Well, what about pain and the love in giving birth? NO. See the women love the child. The pain is what it is. It is inevitable, and a sacrifice made. What woman wouldn’t rather a pain-free pregnancy & birth? Well, what about the pain of love caused by death? NO…again. We feel the pain ever so deeply, by the loss of the individual. Our love doesn’t die with them. We cry & mourn because they are no longer alive in the flesh, to share that love in the way in which we’ve become accustomed. We cry if we missed out on expressing and or sharing that love as well. But the LOVE stands true, all on its own.


Love is to begin within ourselves. Whether we get it the right or the wrong ways, it starts within that individual. Without love, Humanity will not remain. We all must leave our earthly vessels (bodies) sooner or later. Throughout it all and at the end of this life, Love is what will prevail or the lack of it. Love is the printed code & embroidery in the “Pattern of Life.” It affects us all as simplistically as the very air that we breathe. It carves who we are and who we are not.


What’s the Point?… It’s to try & to do better, be better, right where you are, even if it’s for or towards someone else. We live in a World that can surely use more of self-love, the love of others & of life. “Love Heals the World.” If we continue to share this, we will eradicate the need for healing broken, damaged, pained, lost hearts & Souls. IT STARTS WITH SELF.


“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”

“Namaste & One Love”❤️💛💚


WARNING: 4 Hours of wave crashing sounds can put you to sleep🤭😉😌




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