*Writing Tip #10

“How imprtent is gramer & spellin when writing.”

Well unless you want to appear to be illiterate, it’s a big deal. Sure, you understood it, but it’s time consuming and it takes away from the message being relayed. It simply isn’t a good look.


Proper writing, grammar and spelling is important in everyday use. When I was a supervisor, I cannot tell you how many grammar mistakes I would come across in cover letters and resumes. Resumes such as these were not considered, as it is a representation of the individual. It matters

Okay, everyone isn’t great with their grammar, understandable. Who doesn’t make the occasional typo, or simply forgot how to spell a word? We all have. But in today’s age of modern technology, mistakes such as these are avoidable and especially so when what you’re sharing is with the public.


I’m a decent speller & my grammar isn’t too bad either. However, I am about being correct and presentation especially when it comes to my poetry. I use Grammarly, because it works well in assisting me in correcting such errors and it’s FREE, lol! Sure, you can pay for the upgraded version, but the free one does the job for me.



Improve Grammar, Word Choice, And Sentence Structure In Your Writing. It’s Free!

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