*”Where’s The Book???”…~Maxwanette A Poetess


So, I’ve been asked, “Max, when is your book of poetry going to be up for sale?” Honestly? I never really thought about seriously writing a book for monetary means. So, more than likely, a chapbook and or an eBook will be my choice. For now, I am content with my Blog & Facebook page getting the job done.  

See, I never thought of writing my poems to be sold. I never thought on trying to make money with them, lol! It’s not my goal. I write and share my poetry because it’s a part of MY purpose. We all have our purposes in life. A major part of mine is writing poetry. My goal is to reach people, touch a heart, open a Soul, to remind us of why we’re here and what ALL our purposes are in life. It is a gift that I share and give freely.

Life is full of experiences. There are times when we may feel that we’re all alone or that no one could possibly over-stand how we feel or thinks. Right now, as we’re reading? Someone believes they’re alone, don’t matter, having a rough time, needs a positive word, doing well and sending them positive vibes is beautiful and trying to balance the negativity & positivity in their lives. Heck, we can be our own worse critics. If so, then why not be our best appraisers as well? By doing so and sharing the love? We all become better and stronger in our existence and make this Universe a better place.

I like so many, have not had an easy life. Lol, it’s been some kinda ride man, lol! And the journey continues. Good, bad and the ugly, it is still mine. So, I decided to “Be the change, you want to see in the world.” My poetry is that change. If I can reach even just one person? Then my job, goal & purpose in this life is complete. Lol, and that? That’s priceless!

“Namaste & One Love”

~by Maxwanette A Poetess

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