*Recession ~ by Maleek Mayers

This young King reached out to us (Hi Maleek!) and shared his video. He asked to have his video featured on our blog. It’s an honor and pleasure to do so and we thank you for choosing our forum and platform in which to express your art. It’s wonderful seeing the youths keep setting the trend. We at Poetry, Language Of the Soul encourage children, adolescents, and EVERYONE, to try their hand at writing poetry. It’s a beautiful and creative way of expression. Try it, you may shock yourself, lol!

Great job Maleek!



“My name is Maleek Mayers.

I am a poet, filmmaker, and an avid follower of your page.

My poetry-based short film “Recession” hits you with the harsh truths about society.

Please watch and listen to my message.”

~Maxwanette A Poetess

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