*What Is Dub Poetry???”

What is Dub Poetry? – In Layman’s Terms? It’s Poetry being set to music. So reciting a poem with music playing in the background. Nice right? I find it dynamic!!! Like pictures, music helps to set a feel, theme and or mood. It assists in painting a picture of the words being shared.


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Here’s Wikipedia’s definition!:

Dub poetry 

Dub poetry is a form of performance poetry of West Indian origin, which evolved out of dub music in Kingston, Jamaica, in the 1970s, as well as in London, England and Toronto, Canada, both, cities which have large populations of Caribbean immigrants. It consists of spoken word over reggae rhythms. Unlike dee jaying, which also features the use of the spoken word, the dub poet’s performance is normally prepared, rather than the extemporized chat of the dancehall dee jay. In musical setting, the dub poet usually appears on stage with a band performing music specifically written to accompany each poem, rather than simply perform over the top of dub plates, or riddims, in the dancehall fashion. Musicality is built into dub poems, yet, dub poets generally perform without backing music, delivering chanted speech with pronounced rhythmic accentuation and dramatic stylization of gesture. Sometimes dub music effects, e.g. echo, reverb, are dubbed spontaneously by a poet into live versions of a poem. Many dub poets also employ call-and-response devices to engage audiences.


Dub Poets In Action!

Yasus Afari: https://binged.it/2razZBG

Others: https://binged.it/2HETwoO

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