Many times, in life, we get so caught up in wanting the love, acceptance, approval, and company of others, that we forget the main ingredient…”LOVE YOU 1st!”

Some may say, “Oh Max, that’s easy and I do.” But do we really? How many are with some miserable, negative, toxic people, that drain their souls, yet love themselves? Yes, shit happens, and when it does, the point is to get your ass up, move on, better and stronger from the experience. How many are in jobs that they HATE every single day, yet never finding time to create their own business that makes them happy? Yes, your own business. Because many of the people that are employed, have some ideas that would blow one’s mind and if really focused on, could make being self-employed a dream come true instead of work.

How any are sooo busy trying to find themselves, Namaste all over the place, throwing around, I love you’s like a crazy, claim to be enlightened, and when the show is over, lost as fuck? Always wondering, asking, trying to find the perfect answer to an age-old question…

“People, People, People”…As corny, lame, easy and or simplistic as this sounds, it all starts with YOU. “YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOU TO LOVE OTHERS, LIFE & EXISTENCE. Being angry, mean, bitter, resentful, distant, in denial, etc… may fool others {if by this point anyone wants to be around you like that}, but you aren’t fooling YOURSELF. LEARN TO LOVE YOU. Love the good, bad, and the ugly. I like to remind myself, no matter what else is going on, how much I love me, some me, lol! One of my big brothers told me he tells himself this daily in the mirror. Lol, hey, whatever works. The point is to love all that makes you, you.

If you don’t like things about yourself? Then work on making changes. But love you during the process. Surround yourself with people, who reflect that positive energy. “But Ma-a-ax! I don’t want to be alone.” Silly thing, you should be your own best friend first. There’s a Universe full of people and many, need a friend as well. Fixing and loving you, then sharing that? Lol, you come a full 360 degrees, my friends. And the Love? It keeps going and flowing on and on, wrapped in the eternal loop of creation…Ahhh, now that? That’s LOVE.

“Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

~Maxwanette A Poetess

8 thoughts on ““BE HAPPY & LOVE YOURSELF!”

  1. Beautiful message! I spent most of my life trying to please everyone else and sacrificed my own happiness. I thought that to get love you had to give it first and foremost. I didn’t realize till last year that people will only mirror back what you give yourself, so if you aren’t loving and respecting you then you will see that everywhere you go.

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