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POETRY’S – Jasna Gugić (Croatia)


Jasna Gugić – Croatia
Was born on February 20, 1966. In Vinkovci. She
writes, paints, and publishes poems in a joint
collection of poems and anthologies. She published
English Croatian Poetry Collection SONG OF
SILENCE. The last important award for Croatia
awarded by UHE – Hispanic World Writers Union-César Vallejo 2020
World Award for Cultural Excellence She lives and works in Zagreb.
Jasna Gugić is the Vice-President of the ASSOCIATION OF ART-
ISTS AND WRITERS OF THE WORLD SAPS, for public relations.
Jasna is a multiple winner of many international awards for poetry and
literature, translated into several world languages.



My disquiet

Born in the moment of self-pity,

Discovered in the search for luck,

When everything is too grey

Resembling the fog


Across the plains of my homeland in the fall.

My disquiet,

Where shall you lower now in the foreign country

Where there is no fog of my homeland.


Silence in me

strikes in lightnings

of the sky too gray

and destroys my accumulated fear

in the years of non-belonging.

Silence in you

does not know my fears

and gets lost in words of

unknown people

whose hands cannot

touch the softness

of our hearts.

Don’t let me stay silent

because my love is

louder than your smile.

The loudest one.


This life is

soaked with tears

and the words are too small

to pronounce

all life in an instant

and my love

hidden in the corners of solitude.

This life is

soaked with tears

and the pain of the past

is stronger

than the impending ecstasy

in the kiss of the night

and my escape is stronger

than the strength of your will.

This life is

soaked with tears

and the joy gets crushed

by the sorrow of the desperate

and disbelief in

a new longing.

This life is

soaked with tears

but today there is a smile

in my eyes

so don’t walk away

from my smile.

Don’t let the grief

to put out these embers

at least sometimes

when I forget

that this life is soaked with tears.


I’ll look for you

even when this day is over

and I’ll go into the night

in an old coat

down the same forgetfulness lane

as before,

not thinking

and I know I will meet you

in that street of mine

under old chestnut trees,


Rejoice this dark night

and brighten my face.

Surprise me with a song

as before

and you and I will start singing

to kill the sadness of the years.

All Rights Reserved@Jasna Gugić

Translated by Anita Vidakovic Ninkovic



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