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🌹✒️POETRYS – Dr. Anita Caprice ✒️🌹


Rev. Dr. Anita Caprice Powell, Msc.D.
Founder: The TAPN2U Movement, LLC
Empowerment thru Spoken Word Poetry Foundation

Anita Caprice (ARTIST ANGEL) is mom of Beautiful twin Daughters, two Sons (in-law) and grandmom to Precious five. She and her family (theangelsdreamteam) Ambassadors with, are currently raising funds to build a school with the Burkina Faso, West Africa community. Anita is an award-receiving International lecturer and Spoken Word Poet:
Bangkok, Thailand (2019) Michgan Women Leaders Delegation
Caior, Egypt (2020) Michigan Women Leaders Delegation
Detroit’s Aretha’s Jazz Café (Detroit, MI)
Susan G Komen Cure for Cancer (Detroit, MI)
She also serves as:
Michigan Unemployment Appeals Advocate
Global Chair with the G100 Oneness & Wisdom Wing, under the auspices of the ALL Ladies League Global Sister Movement (India)
Global Ambassador/Godmother – World Green Champions (Mauritius)
A Mature Woman, Anita’s message for the Fabulous 50+ is “that it ain’t never too late to get to know…to grow…to depend on and expand upon a Dream…We are Perfectly Seasoned.”
Anita is author of:
“Reflections of an Angel” Book of Poetic Affirmations (Four Editions)
“YOU – Your Own Universe”.
“The Divine feminine – My Relationship With God” a fundraising Global Anthology, inspired by 14 Writers
Her Mantra: Touch on Trust we are Human & Divine ~ TAPN2U.
Anita has her Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy, continues to volunteer her time, talent & treasure domestically & globally, has received many awards and is affiliated with several organizations.


Emptied (Replaced)
I feel like I’m being emptied.
Unsure what this is about.
Empty of thought and
Empty of what I feel
Is this my imagination
Or is this really real.

My mind is not at peace…jittery
My soul feels vexed
Is this live or is it Memorex?

The very foundation is crumbling
Thought it was formed of brick
Now it has the texture of straw.

It’s being lifted up from me
The illusion of security felt
Hold on to things, that’s the real deal
As with ice it’s beginning to melt and thaw → thaw

Grasping at straws,
The sheath takes the wheat
Without cutting into my hand
In all of this,
I just don’t know how or
Where I stand…in this life

Stand…stand where???

I know I don’t
know a damn thing
Hahahaha, yet
I know I know a Grand Thing!

My mind search and asks
What is happening?
My eyes answer back at me
You know – I’m being emptied.

I wanna cry but why?
My mind wonders
it is over?
My heart beats with the rhythm
This is the beginning of the rest…
the best of life
Inside where my ego reside
Of what I thought was the who of me
Is being replaced by traces of the True of me

I feel like I’m being emptied
How do I release and just let it be?
I wanna cry – and I realize why
because I’m afraid
Afraid of what I want
is to crawl into a ball
But there’s another side of me
That whispers
The ball is not your
destiny is to stand and reveal
The Spirit the Creator is alive
And real, feel it within

It seems like I’m floating, like I’m floating on air.

AND In all of this, as I reminisce
I see the shallowed fullness
Of what I thought complete.

My mind search and asks
What is happening?
My eyes answer back at me
You know – I’m being emptied.

It begins
I feel like I’m being emptied

I cry cause I’m filled
My soul is still
With the Spirit active within!

My mind is at peace…not jittery
My soul no longer feels vexed
Nope, it ain’t Memorex…this is LIVE!!! and I know I’m bein’ healed!

I’m Livin my Life like it’s Golden…Cause I’m Livin’ my LIFE from the Inside/out!


So, if You’re feeling confused
And just don’t know what to do
Your mind search and asks
What is happening on my inside?
Look deep I mean deep into Your eyes
And the windows of your Soul will answer…
You know – You’re being emptied.

Spirit flows through the Soul
Soul whispers to the heart
Heart sings to the mind
Body does the dance to the rhythm, harmony and melody.

When Your Soul answers…Listen
You ain’t gonna hear it from the outside
You’re gonna hear it from within.

Going back to mastery begins
The moment we recognize
The need – To be

anitacaprice ©2021

How often have you heard
“You Shoulda Been”?

It’s meant as a complement
or is it???

To not be what You shoulda been
is actually being not who You are
according to whom?

Are we ever satisfied and qualify
who we are?
what we have?
what we possess – is it less
The Power to BE & Believe?

“You shoulda been”
is saying
You’re not who You’re supposed to be.
In who’s reality?

Are we talkin’
unconditional acceptance?
or reflecting on inspections
of the memory we were taught
to perceive unlike the original
of You and me?

Is shoulda been success?
Is shoulda been a Blessed –
“rise up to Your Potential”
in an exponential capacity?

Okay…if I come to think like You
(who thinks I shoulda been)

am I being True
to the One & Only
the She who solely
imprints on earth
the path
designed by the Universe?

Because I’ve not reached
the “shoulda been”
does that make me a failure?
or simply a has been?
One who floated on ~
missing the boat?

When it’s said to me,
I “shoulda been”
I measure
the equation of the vibration

An innocent unknowing sentiment
that lacks a true compliment
AND I answer.

Our subconscious
is a powerful compensation of…(You fill in the blanks)
So next time when someone sez
“You shoulda been” share the revelation
“What I shoulda been…I already AM”

*anitacaprice ©2022

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“This being, this energy, this Sister~Queen, is a PHENOMENAL creation of Love & Humanity. I AM honored & humbled to know her & to call her my friend. She never stops, she never quits, she is a DYNAMIC DYNAMO of LIFE. I thank you Dr. Anita Caprice for existing and for all that you do (((BOWING GRACEFULLY))).”
~Maxwanette A Poetess

🌹🌍”We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”🌍🌹

“Namastè & One Love”☀️❤💛💚☀️

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