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Wolete Miriam – Brooklyn, NY


Kurt Adams – Trinidad & Tobago

Fashion & Poetry

I feel at peace,
Tranquility, I’m in a happy place,
Shhhh.. The quietness around is so loud
Its heard from miles away….
Nothing but birds, Eagles, vultures and even they know when to be still,
It feels so heavenly,
Just the breeze whisking through our clothes, hair,trail seekers brave the thought of height quickly move by the quiet mountain top..
Rivers that rush by too far down below to be heard,
Soft is a nice word today, tranquility replaces rush
Calm reminds me of that happy place where I long to be each day,
Mellow drives the mood in my mind as I forget the busy rush of the midtown routine…
Its impossible to feel this way in the hustle and bustle
I think I’ll just stay right here
Leaning against this oak tree that overlooks
Mountain, hills and planes.
Just breathetaking
Ask me where,I’ll take you there…someday.
For now…Shhhh….

Entitled: Inner Peace

Who commands life?
Who tells of it’s mystery?
What is next for you, what is next for me.??
Tha snakes dances their way happily,
As the dogs work hard gaurding the yard,
The goose is cooked as the lame man try hard within his mind to walk, will he accomplish that fate??
I see water more than flower
As a frog jumps Vigorously from a child’s boot,
I see a stingray hooked by a fisherman
Seeking to escape for the depth of the ocean…
Who blames life??
Who brings accusations against life??
Who consoles life??…
Kids die, mountains collapses
Men gather to mourn for a friend gone too soon.
In the same hour a mother holds her newborn with joy be holding in their eyes
What is life?? What is life??
Am I grateful for it??
Will I bring it to it’s fruition??
Will I understand its purpose to me as I go about each day?? Will I, will you.
I wonder?? Life.

Entitled: Life

Kurt Adams

Kurt Adams, 8th child of ten children born to Christabelle Chinapoo and John Adams in a little village called Palo seco.
I attended Palo seco Government primary school. I then furthered my studies at
Fyzabad composite school (secondary), where I started the road of garment construction and style and design.
I then moved to a village called Quarry, also south Trinidad where I continued to pursue tailoring and garment construction at Siparia senior secondary school.
I would become 19 years old, at which time I moved to a City called Marebella,a bit closer to Central Trinidad of which I would spend the next 17years of my life.
I I would then pursue a dressmaking course at a school called VOS government primary school and continued subjects at pleasant Ville secondary school.
I have since moved back to the village of Palo seco some 8 years ago, registered and started my own business in the field of style and fashion design that surrounds both dressmaking and tailoring.
I am currently 45 years of age, single, owner and manager of JES KURT DEZYNS, loves designing and would love to be the next winner of project runway…🤗

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