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🌹🕯9/11 Memorial Anniversary🕯🌹


My Deep & Heartfelt Condolences America

I was born in Brooklyn, NY & lived there most of my life. I worked a block away from the World Trade, and was there when it was first bombed in 1993 – I had just left from buying an apple turnover; they were the best, fresh, huge, sweet, & delicious. I worked with a language company that had clients there. I left Manhattan & never returned to work there, and developed a fear of the subway – having anxiety attacks, & rarely went there afterwards, for I knew it was going to happen again. Back then, people said I was crazy, but in my gut? I knew better…

I like many, grew-up with the Twin Towers. It was a staple in my childhood. Ironically I was living in Minnesota when the attacks occurred. I recall watching it on TV, and I bawled like a baby. I began to gasp, barely catching my breath. I used to go to church then. I called my pastor asking him why? He couldn’t answer me. All I could do was cry in the phone. It was HORRIFIC to see, much less to be there. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t traumatized by it. I was, deeply. The first plane shook me. The 2nd one made me faint. I knew people who worked there…A family member of mine did too, but blessedly he was off that day – for he had filled in for someone prior. They had switched days. My stepmother worked in the city, but she was able to get out & home quickly & safely before Manhattan was shut down. It’s been 21 years, my how time has flown.

My parents are from Jamaica, but I was born here in America. This country may not be perfect, lol, which country is? But people across the world come here or dream of coming here, to live a better life & for opportunities. Some do so, giving their lives in the process, even today. I grew up, teased by ignorant family members, who belittled me, treated me poorly, and calling me Yankee, because I was born here. Yet they & their parents, broke their friggin’ necks to be here in the USA. They’re here reaping the benefits my mother allowed them to have, by sponsoring their mother & fathers. Don’t spit on my country & my flag, as I honorably defend my country & damn proud of it too! Yes, America pisses me off at times too, but in the same breath, it’s better than many, and they know how to stand together in hard times as our motto states, “United We Stand.” We may have our faults – many of us work at it, but I’m proud the way the people came together during 9/11. So many, sacrificed their lives to help.

There’s a certain pride & loyalty, that one feels to the country they’re born in. I’m blessed to be able to stand for two countries, by blood & by birth. America, needs ALL the blessings it can get. So, pray and send positive vibes for us, as you do your own, especially on this memorial day.


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