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🌹✒POETRYS – SHAKIL KALAM (Bangladesh)✒🌹

Background Picture By KitoDiaries

Paradise of Love

What do you think about me?
Did I leave you forever!
Why did you think such an immatured thoughts?
Do you believe me?
Can I even leave you?
It will be your wrong idea about me,
You used to have a trust upon me;
No, Never I could leave you.
Because ……
Firstly, You are the part of my spareribs,
Secondly, You are the firefly of mine in the dark night,
And the silvery light of the moonlit night. Thirdly, you are the colourful flower and butterfly of my garden of paradise
As well as You are the elements, imagery, metaphor, rhythm of my creations.
You are my world……..
And the cosmic star of the distant sky.
You can ensure yourself I was your… and would be
I love you so much and too much….

The Sky of Nilakshkha

(Dedicated to the people of Ukraine)

One day I also wanted
To fly in the blue sky of Nilakshkha
As the white crane flies.

My desired blue sky,
It has lost its’ endless dense blue;
The golden eagle fled far away –
To fall its’ impetuous shadow.

Nilakshkha is trembling now,
In the sharpen sound of B-52 and Jaguar.
The sky is covered with the deep black smoke of Scud, Petriad, and Missile.

Clearly, I am understood,
There is terrible fighting in Nilakshkha
That’s why I have left my homeland;
For shelter and to save a life.

I am living an inhuman life,
There is no food and clothing.

I’m waiting for when I could return?
At my address; in my motherland Nilakshkha.
When my eyes will kiss cold touch on my yard?
I am counting the hours and waiting for that.

Background Picture By Madelaja Fotografie

Hostile Environment

Blood cells are flowing into the flowers
Cloudy sky; full of tears, also will fall down rain now
The Sunlight cannot reach to the earth
The soil is moist and muddying

The ozon layer of the atmosphere is declining
Ultra-violet rays are coming into the earth
The plant world is endangered

The natural beauty of Saint Martin has caught the worm.
The green forest has turned yellowish color
Keora, Gewa, Garan, Sundari, there is also anomaly
Illegal engine-boats drop diesel into the river and sea
Destroying the marine environment, biodiversity, flora and fauna,
Its creating terrible situation on the whole environment
Destroying electrons, protons, nucleolus
Tension with life,
And how much global warming will raise and reach where?

*** Saint Martin- An Coral Island of Bangladesh.
*** Keora, Gewa, Garan, Sundari – Mangrove forest’s trees of Bangladesh.


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