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🌹✒POETRYS – Shahnaz Parveen (Bangladesh)✒🌹

Shahnaz Parveen

Born into a cultured aristocratic family in Dhaka district, Bangladesh

Father – Yunus Mia

Mother-Begum Kamrun Nahar.

  She holds a master’s degree in Islamic history from Eden Women’s University.

   Apart from her studies, she struggled against social taboos and freed herself from injustices and adversities of the society.

She engaged herself in social cultural and literary activities by writing poems in Bengali, presenting/ reciting poems in literary festivals and seminars. 

 She is also a regular contributor in daily, monthly and quarterly published  national and international  news papers and magazines. She received many certificates for her poetry from national and international poetry groups.

She is well known poetess in Bengali poetry in international literary arena and also translates her poetry in English language.

  A well known poetess in Bangladesh, her writings are regularly published in several newspapers in USA, France, Singapore, London, New York, India, Nepal and Tripura.

Her 5 books of poetry have been published in ‘Amar Ekushey Book Fair’

My First book of poems –

1 Nonajol chuey

 ( Touching the Sea -water ) 

Published in 2017

2|  The Dalchut Megh

(The  Desolate Cloud) in 2018. 

3|  Karopute joma jol 

 (  Water  Collected in Folded  palms) in 2019.

4| Nakkhater’s Ayomay sanshar.  ( The Iron- clad Family  of Stars)   in 2020

5|  Selected poems 

In 2022.

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