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🌹✒POETRYS – Shahid Abbas & Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo(Pakistan & Philippines)✒🌹

Newest Collaboration:

“The Gift of Love”


Love inspires, love defies,
Once your heart starts beating for another
Each day your life changes,
As your love becomes the anchor against the waves.

Shahid :

Love is the root of every relation,
It’s the language of every Creation
The beauty of our souls
It’s heavenly passion.


Love is a gift from the Most High,
At birth, the touch of our Mother’s hand
Symbolizes how she adores her Beloved child,
Love is not just a word, it is Life.


Love led us to God,
Creates many beautiful ways
Along the way, humans say
We are all equal,
And superior to all creatures.


Love is the reason why we exist,
Love is seen through one’s eyes,
For it is where truth lies
Love takes a new meaning in your life.

Shahid :

Love, the great gift of the Creator,
How worthy it is!
We can see and feel
It can heal,
Even the oldest wounds.


Love can cure an ailing world,
Amid the madness and the chaos
Love heals and mends the brokenhearted,
Makes shattered dreams whole again
To face a bright new morning.


Love has its own regime,
The innocent can desire
The ugly can inspire,
The ungrowable plants can grow
Even in the bottom of snow.


The gift of love is immeasurable,
It is felt eventhough invisible
Love when true resides in the core of your heart,
Sees the beauty in anyone,
Teaches how to love perfectly the imperfect.


Let’s spread
The deep colour of red,
We are here for just a few days
Don’t know when will be our last breath,
The word love is embedded in the core of the universe.

Shahid Abbas/Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Copyright April 15, 2022

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Shahid Abbas

“True Courage”


What does it take to have true courage?
In a world where there seems to be fear everywhere
A brave heart emerges from the ruins,
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Let’s start
From inside the core of our hearts,
We are brave
We will change the world
Not just with words spoken but coupled with actions.


Restless hearts afraid of taking risks,
But real courage knocks at your door
When determination resurfaces
To climb even the tallest mountain peak.


We should listen
To the voice of the innocent
With courage
Don’t blame
Don’t claim
Make a stand, say your stand.


Making a stand for what is right
Is the catalyst for change
The courageous stands tall,
Not even the biggest fear can trample.


True courage exists inside a brave man’s heart,
Hearts can change the universe
Awake! Get up…
And let real courage be your soul’s part.


The wandering spirit
Roaming the world leaving footprints of triumph
Let no man walk alone,
Saying “Be courageous my child.”


Yay! Loneliness is bad
As the wise people of before said
Don’t be sad….
Do your best efforts and make history
That the brave can change his fate.

“Verses from Meraki”

Verses are not just mere words,
When their meanings shape the essence of being
Written lyrics on the face of the sky,
Like a doting mother singing a lullabye.

The sublime secret has been concealed in its divine pages,
The verses are beautiful heirs to the history of love
We didn’t beautify them
Because everything appears in our minds
Coming from up above.

Our muse wrote what our hearts cannot speak of
In these pages, a journey of love can be witnessed,
While harps of angels play at the background
Each line describes great affection,
Of a love destined to be forever.

It’s not a dream, it’s an unforgettable zeal,
Which sympathize with the pure intention
When you start to discover the intimacy in each line,
You wish to turn on the pages every time.

A myriad of lyrics coming from the heart,
Depicting our inner minds
When both of our verses intertwined,
Taking readers to a lovely escapade.

An endless immortality
With divine blessings we are exploring the reality,
Read, feel, and discover
The journey will put you up there.

“Verses of Meraki”, not just an ordinary tale,
It will capture your hearts
Make you blush, make you question things about life,
Let your soul be in the moment
As we take you to another realm,
Immersed in our own meraki.

Shahid: The verses will invite you to the purity of thoughts we

are messengers of faithfulness,

Listen to our message and let yourselves take part,
Don’t be ignorant
Let’s spread the love and joy.

Shahid Abbas/Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

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