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🌹✒POETRYS – Jaweed Ahmed (India)✒🌹

Jaweed Ahmed is a versatile multi-lingual published author, poet, editor and enthusiastic educator from Hyderabad who has written more than three thousand poems and numerous articles in English, Hindi, Urdu and Telugu so far. He has studied poetry from an early age. As his father Abbas Ali was an Urdu poet, His mother Zakia Akhtar Sultana is also an Urdu Poet, He used to attend poetic symposiums along with his parents. While pursuing English Literature he became fascinated by the famous poets and started his writing career after the sudden death of his father. Before receiving acclaim as a poet he has studied M.A.(English), M.Sc.(Mathematics), M.Sc.(Physics), M.Sc.(Psychology), Bachelor of Education and PGDCA (Computer Science). 

His poems express his ardent philosophy of life, lyrical poetic skills and brilliant use of the English language. They are not only rhythmic and moving, but pleasing, inspiring and elevating.  His poems are written with an apparent simplicity that makes them readily accessible to readers of all levels, yet still subtle enough to hold depth and layers of meanings.  

He knows well what he writes about and knows better how to marshal his words. His poetry fascinates and provokes readers to think and understand the world in a deeper way. He has won many Poetry Contests so far. Many of his poems are published in National and International Magazines and Anthologies. He is the founder and director of many literary groups. He has been publishing different anthologies from the literary groups.

He has published his own books “Peerless Pearls” and “Precious Jades” and many other books. He is known for his own lucid style. The poet’s dialogue with his pen is remarkable for its easy flow, but powerful thought which is concerned not only with the glorious shine of life but also with its very source, its origin, which is divine invests the poem with a prophetic aura.

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