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That autumn morning

a vibrant melody invaded

the porch lit by the sun

Wow, she exclaimed, delighted…

What an inspiring melody comes

to my ears, as if it were a 

bouquet of musical notes 

warming my soul, delights never seem 

Music is a form of poetry,

An invitation to enchantment,

is a levitation of emotions so

intense feeling, ecstatic

Every note was like a whisper

so as not to wake up the bucolic 

city of almost childish dreams

where fascination enchants

The magic is remade 

in the glow of the eye, 

in the sweetness of words,

on kisses that lips sip 

©Gel Poetry Garden 🌹


Spread your wings over us,

O Liberty!

May our right of expression

be resoected and our claims accepted

Spread your wings over us,

O Liberty!

May the Power established from

systems not rob us the perception

between good and evil

Freedom, however late, will always bê

better than darkness of intolerância

that oppresses stealing our dreams

Concious freedom is a shortcut to Peace!

©Gel Poetry Garden 🌹


Blind as the torpor of Brume

Which silently invades the dawn

So you were, without seeing my love

Awesome as the mist I was by your side

But you did not see me,

With a clouded mind you stayed

Your interests were different from mine,

Your dreams have crossed other routes,

Your goals have lost their meaning,

Because without seeing where you were

We get lost in each other at the fork 

That haze your feelings and senses

© Gel Poetry Garden🌹

Gelda Castro lives and works in Brazil 

as an English Language Teacher. 

However, her passion is  the International Literature…

Author of one than a thousand solo poems and a handful of ones, written in collaboration with notable poets across the globe, she has been dedicating in  7 Anthologies among talented poets and poetesses across the globe. She has finished up a short romance that will be launched soon.

Recently she has been participating in Recital Poetry Festivals, in India, Serbia, Greece and USA.

She makes part of the Team  Hosters on Online Poetry Recital by a poetic group The Fertile Brains…

In 2020, she has participated in the Interview Radio Program Poets of the East, in USA,  when she was interviewed by the producer, writer and poet Richard Spisak.

She has an interview Show EVENING WITH GELDA PROGRAM on every Sunday by PWI Global Vision Youtube channel, at 6:00 pm, India time.

She currently maintains two poetry blogs as well as poetry pages in several social medias, subscribing her poems by her pen name Gel Poetry Garden.

She used to say: ” Poetry found me in the spring morning…since then we never aparted us…

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