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🌹✒POETRYS – Eva Lianou Petropoulou (Greece)✒🌹

Sometimes you wake up and you find no strength to come out of the bed

Believe me
You are not the only one

Sometimes you see the past.
You see the present
And you just wonder
What have I done all those years

Believe me
Many people had the same question

You look yourself in the mirror and you like nothing
But this is a reaction of 90% of people

That is life
We called life
A beautiful miracle

And day and night
Is coming and go

Go out
See the sun
Have a great day
Walk to the sea

Think positif
You decide if you will be happy or sad
You decide only

Life is for everyone
We don’t have any manual
How to live
How to succeed
We fight everyday
And if we find love in this journey
Then we can consider ourselves as lucky

Keep dreaming
Keep believing

Miracles happens

Eva Lianou Petropoulou

Poetry is therapy
Poetry, talks to humans hearts…Like Angels talk to Jesus...
Poetry belongs to everyone
And everyone belongs to poetry..

Verses are sad
Verses are happy
But feelings cannot hurt
Words are hurting if humans talk bad

Poetry is my language
Poetry unites people
Poetry opens doors
During hard moments
Truth was intoxicated
And nothing make sense

Poetry opened a window
To my lonely life
I find brother and sister
In the other site of the planet

My prayers,
My blessings
We keep the Light

We embrace humanity
Encourage the justice

I am the mirror of your soul
U are the mirror of my soul
We stay united

Poetry is my therapy
Poetry is my colorful life

©Eva Petropoulou Lianou


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