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🌹✒POETRYS – Binod Dawadi (Nepal)✒🌹

Binod Dawadi (Nepal)
Binod Dawadi from Purano Naikap 13, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has completed his Master’s Degree from Tribhuvan University in Major English. He likes to read and write literary forms. He has created many poems and stories. His hobbies are reading, writing, singing, watching movies, traveling, gardening, etc. He likes pets. He is a creative man he does not spends his time by doing nothing. He is always helping for the poor people. He can’t see the troubles and obstacles of the people. He believes that from the writing and from the art it is possible to change the knowledge and perspectives of the people towards any things. He loves his country Nepal very much. He has known many cultures of his country as well as foreign countries. He is always thinking wisely towards any things. He solves his problems by using his mind. He dreams to be a great man in his life.

He has composed many stories and poems in many Anthologies. He has also already published his own poetry books which are The Power Of Words. Love and Life’s difficulties and Nature , Animals and Human Beings in Prodigy Published. He is also planning to publish his other books which are The Best Stories and War. Also other in his life. He writes in Nepali, and English magazines and Anthologies. He is working at day and night to be the successful writer. He wants to involve in each and every kinds of multiple activities. He is always seeking for the multiple good works in a time. He is very much active in distributing his knowledge in literature as well as in teaching and other social activities. He is very much dedicated towards his works. He has also faced many kinds of challenges and difficulties in his life.

His dream is to become a rich man in his life and to help the poor people in the society from his wealth. He always dreams very much big things. Some times they can’t be successful also but also he is never losing his hope in his life. He loves the pet animals, wild animals and nature he spends most of his times by looking at this kinds of the things. His vision is to change the society by knowledge so he is always working there by this. He wants to give englightement to the people through his education.

Poems of The Audio

Hollow Man

Time Travellers


The Power Of Art

The art is not only in the  writing,
But the experience of the life is also art,
Writer brings the different context,
Life social, political, economical aspects,
Writer is the greatest healer of any diseases,

Writer imagines the physical world
As well as metaphysical world,     
In the physical world the writer brings the ideas of our world,
Like as love, hate, theft, marriage,
Death, wars, racism, rights and justices,

Which will lake in our society,
In the meta physical world writer
Imagines the different world,
Writes travels there in the form of characters
He also made compel to travel for readers,

Writer sometimes becomes frustrated
Of this world and he travels in imaginary world,
In there all the things are possible like
As flashback, stream of consciousness, time travelling, reborn,
The animals are personified there so

Animals can talk like human beings,
The writer gives justice to the animals from
This their pain are shown there,
Writer always gives the voices
To the voiceless and marginal people,

Art can heal the pain
Because many people were victims of psychological diseases,
For psychological diseases people need happiness
And joy in their life it will,
Only be possible from laughter and comedy forms of writing,

Art has the quality of imagination
From this imagination all the real and unreal,
Things are possible in the art,
Imagination is higher than the
Truth all the things are coming from unconscious mind in the art,

The letters becomes powerful words
And from these combination
Of the words writer uses his imagination and starts to write,
He uses his tact there he forms such kinds
Of sentences which gives very much deep meaning,

Dead man can stand from listening
To erotic body of Helen or other girls,
Art is not only writing and
Reading any things of this world could be connected to arts,
Art  represents truth and reality,

Art gives moral lessons from its form
Art can be expand like as rubber, fiction is fictious,
In the world all things depend on writing,
From ancient time to modern time.
What is art it is hard to tell because it doesn’t have

Any boundary, there are aesthetic, romantic,
Surrealism, modern and
Post modern arts are created,
At first people started to write in sculpture by stones,
later they wrote from

Feather by using liquid of plants at
That time they do painting in stones,
Later only they developed the pen and ink then there
Was produced of arts works, more then that with the genres,
Books developed and art works also

Developed like poem, story, novel, drama,
Etc their all aim is for enlightenment the people,
Now at the post modern time the time changes and
Life styles of people also changes,
That art works can’t show their power,

Because art is beauty and beauty is
Truth people don’t follow the knowledge,
But some how who are serious of art for them
It worked as healing powers of each and every things,
There is decolonization of art

One art world crosses the world,
Art is vase and vase which never finishes,
When death of author, birth of reader like famous
Man told, when writer will die reader
Reproduce that art, this is the power of art.


What is romance ?
Why did people need it ?
How can people becomes happier from that ?
I search and search I search and search,
I read and learn from my life,
It is a spiritual and true love,
Which can provide happiness,
And freedom to our life,

We can do true love,
And spend our life in romance,
Like a romance of Romeo and Juliet,
Like Titanic or any other,
Let’s do true love and get romance in,
Our life, let’s do romance.

©® Binod Dawadi

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