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We are affiliated with an online radiostation called Reggaenostalgia (check them out on YouTube & Spotify – SUBSCRIBE!!! 😊), which also operates The Real Stuff Podcast. Maxwanette A Poetess, works with both & their team put together a beautiful tribute to Mother’s & Women

Thanks To Co-Hosts: Franco, Maxwanette, & Shaun. We also give a special shout-out & thanks to the contributing Poets:

  1. Cherry Natural
  2. Antonia Valaire
  3. Tinashe Elvis Chikodzi
  4. Miss Lee
  5. A student from Zimbabwe
  6. Frank Juma (Fabbrizzio)
  7. Kennedy Ochieng
  8. Dr. Anita Caprice
  9. Elizabeth Castillo
  10. Shahid Abbas (Pakistan)
  11. Ndungu Mojah Chitebe
  12. Lysias Kenton Watson (Kenton The Poet)
  13. Queen Angela
  14. Lydia Elizabeth (aka Atlanta Lockheart)
  15. Deepika Singh (India)
  16. M Tofael Ahmed (Bangladesh)
  17. LaVan Johnson (aka Larry Richardson)
  18. Ras Atiba
  19. Maxwanette A Poetess

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