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🌹✒️POETRYS – Snežana Šolkotović✒️🌹

Šolkotović Snežana is a professor in elementary school. Writing is her hobby. She has published

poems and stories for children and adults in 30 books: Her books have been translated into

English, Ruthenian, Romanian and Italian.

Many of her poems and stories are featured in numerous anthologies, collections and journals.

She has won prestigious awards at domestic and international competitions


It’s nice to love someone,

Because the love is worth of gold,

Give the gentle heart away,

Secretly hidden gaze.

It’s nice to know you’re not alone,

And a hug is a refuge in solitude,

Sharing the desires of realizing the dream,

Fulfilling long, mystical nights…

It’s nice having someone to love,

Love which is reciprocated, too,

Somebody to pray for,

Whom you can trust…

It’s nice to know you have someone to live for,

Whom to look forward to, whom to cheer for,

Whom you can argue with…

…and forgive with a kiss.

It’s nice to have someone in your soul,

Someone who fills the moments with beauty,

When happiness rolls on…

…all these moments are called life’s duty…

It’s nice to love someone,

Because life is painted with feelings,

Unforgettable moments from the heart are given,

Because a man exists for a love’s sake.


I found myself in a gap of time,

Where all my dawns are ruined,

As an amanet,

A little time is left,

And a breath of a soul…

Everything stopped at one point,

Life got wrapped into a ball,

Facing uncertainty and temptation.

I found myself on the edge of patience,

In a multitude of wants,

And as usual…

…just before the sight of uncertainty,

I stopped there numb,

Without an explanation.

When I look back,

Not to see my silhouette,

Which is long lost in the haze.

I found myself in a gap of time,

Where all my dawns

Like bridges collapse,

From this vortex I know,

There is no way out,

All questions were gone

In one breath of a soul …


I am a story from an ancient book,

That you left unread…


You thought I was a loser,

Who reached the edge,

Because of fears and guilt.

Here, you could find the meaning

and love,

from which you are still running from,

because you are scared…

I am a story ,

Where the fate has an important role,

Defyng this time without mercy,

Doing it on a whim,

Leading on to temptation,

Without a rerun,

Creating life scenes.

I was just one character,

a lonely woman…

I am only a story to you,

From an ancient book,

Which you left unread…


It includes everything,

Uraveling is hidden by its pages,

By not reading it…

…you forgot to live.


How would it be like to meet you,

The dreams would instantly

lose their boundaries,

And the imagination would be gone.

How would a hug look like,

What would your hands do?

If I popped in front of you,

A confused, unknown woman…?

How would a kiss look like..?

So emotional in thought,

And the blood in the veins speeds up,

How would the love look like?

If you knew how much you mean…

…to someone…

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