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🌹✒️POETRYS – Shafkat Aziz Hajam (India)✒️🌹

Jammu and Kashmir

Shafkat Aziz Hajam

Shafkat Aziz Hajam, lives in Kashmir, India ,

Works as a private school English language teacher and is a children’s Poet. 

His poems were two times published in a Paskitan based Magazine titled as ” Litlight ” and often his poetry is published in daily published newspapers in his valley, Kashmir, like “Daily Headlines Today” and “Kashmir Reader.” He is the author of children’s Poetry book titled as “The cuckoo’s voice ” 

available on Amazon. He is also a media secretary of a Jammu and Kashmir ( India) based literary organization titled as, Idarie Tehqeequ Adab and an advisor of a Bangladesh based organization for helpless children titled as ,”Glory Future Foundation .

1.What Shall I Call You 

What shall I call you my dears?

Your are beautiful and Embrosial flowers, 

Your redolence I smell, everywhere I go 

Your presence is not there though.

You are bright stars in the sky I see, 

Twinkling at dark nights, gladdening me. 

You are beautiful birds, with sweet voice like of a canary, 

Utterly captivating! Every time my grieved heart yearns to listen to thee. 

Your are the brooks, attractively chattering when you chortle, 

Though I am vexed, I laugh well .

You are glow worms that at nights glow, 

Seeing you, I feel exhilarated and childishly follow.

You are the healthy seeds, and will grow fruitfully

When nourished in the favourable environment but wisely. 

You are the diamonds, precious and rare,

Lest you lose such qualities, 

Of you I must take care. 

2.Know Me 

I am an ocean that bear all the bitter experiences, 

I am a brook that keep flow forward inspite of all hindrances, 

I am a candle that burn and melt to light its surroundings,

I am a cuckoo that on seeing summer in everyone’s garden, sing,

I am a vernal breeze that at dawn wake up flowers, 

I am a star that until extinction brighten the dark hours,

In all men such traits must be,

In them are the realities of life and humanity. 

2 thoughts on “🌹✒️POETRYS – Shafkat Aziz Hajam (India)✒️🌹”

  1. Shafkat Aziz

    A great poetry brother, love it!

    May Allah bless you a lot of happiness and success in the field of poetry, you are an inspiration.

    Keep it up bro… journey has just started!!

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