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🌹✒️POETRYS – Natalie Bisso (Germany)✒️🌹


NATALIE BISSO is a poet, novelist, essayist, and songwriter. Author of 9 original
collections, more than 120 lyrics, co-author in 104 international collections. The
poems have been translated into 33 languages of the world and published in 18
international anthologies in the languages of different countries.
Honorary Figure of World Literature and Arts with the award of a silver badge.
Takes part in the literary life of different countries.
Academician of the International Academy for the Development of Literature and Art
/ International Academy for the Development of Literature and Art (MARLI, USA);
Academician of the International Academy of Russian Literature (MARS);
corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts, Advisor
to the international publication of Chinese Literature (Federation of Literary and
Artistic Circles Hubei), Jury member of international competitions, Ambassador of
the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity (IFCH), Member of the
European Council and the Intercontinental Advisory Committee of
RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III; Head of the World Council of
the International Chamber of Writers and Artists CIESART.
Honorary President of Thousand Minds for Mexico International and the
international jury in Germany, Honorary member of the Union of Spanish-speaking
Writers(UHE), Honorary Member of the Union of Writers of North America /
WRITERS UNION OF NORTH AMERICA, Member of the International Union of
Writers, member of the Regional Public Foundation for the Promotion of
Contemporary Poetry “SVETOCH”, member of the International Writers’ Guilds
(IHL)(Germany), Member of the International Association of Writers and Publicists
(IAPP), Member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) / Eurasian Creative Guild
(ETG/ECG London), head of the German branch of the SPSA, member of the
International Union of Authors and Performers (ICAI).
Multiple Grand Prize-winner and Laureate of international literary and musical
competitions; winner of several special international prizes; Holder of six
international literary and musical medals and orders, including under the auspices of
UNESCO; the title of “Golden Feather “, the title of MAESTRO.
The songs are performed on radio “Radar”, “Recital”, “Phoenix”, “WE ARE
TOGETHER”, AUTORADIO, Radio OK, Radio NG, Talent Park, Ocean+, the video
project “Intrigue show”. Participant of TV programs on the channel “Artist TV”.


I dream of spring day and night,

I dream about her even in my dreams,

And the moon smiles through the curtains again,

And he persuaded me to fall in love with spring again.

Such nightingale thrills ring,

That the heart is bursting out,

And the smells excite and intoxicate,

And teases the excited soul.

But is it possible, having lived for many years,

To fall in love with spring, to believe in a fairy tale again,

Turning my head and my husband’s head,

To catch moments of wonder without fear?

To shake the hearts of a calm rhythm,

And plunge into the storm of revelations,

To cling to the embrace with a whisper of prayers,

Embark on a journey of wonderful adventures?

Ah! My heartfelt motive is finding again,

Having overcome both years and sorrows,

My husband and I were blessed with new happiness,

So that we don’t upset him in any way


Love rules the ball today,

May you be lucky in big and small,

There is a beginning in family life,

And a series of small gossips.

Love does not sigh on the bench,

Thanks to this enchantress,

Pour some wine for the young ones,

We’ll drink to the bottom of love.



These are both feelings and words!

And let

your head spin,


She’s always, always right!

Love! Love! Love!

And let

the rumor of the people make a noise,

And let

everything be tomorrow and yesterday,


She’s always, always right!

Love! Love! Love!

Love is given to two only once!

Let the wedding dance and laugh,

And happiness curls like a scarlet train,

You will always be happy.

The bride in a wedding dress,

Hovers along the enfilade arch*,

Hand in hand – life is close by,

And a rainy day does not matter.

May your happiness be eternal,

And it will last indefinitely.

The bride, in a wedding dress,

The groom, family and friends.

Love and happiness in your home,

Let them become an eternal axiom,

We are familiar with this formula,

The family is based on it.


And I would just become snow,

To fall at your feet,

And I would give everything to you,

With a prayer, for you, to the Gods.

And I would just like a stream…

on the pavement, where you will pass,

To run, on the trail and secretly,

Hope that you will understand everything.

I would like to be the sun in the sky,

And Touch with a gentle beam

The silks of your hair, what’s outside the window,

Where you shrugged your shoulder.

And I would just be in a drunken night

Showering stars from the sky,

To guess a different fate

My dream, where will we be together!

Natalie Bisso (Germany)

5 thoughts on “🌹✒️POETRYS – Natalie Bisso (Germany)✒️🌹”

  1. Nice one.. appreciated… Love & spring
    Wednesday,27th July 2022
    Love and spring
    both bring
    joy and happiness
    to reflect shine on the face
    Spring as usual
    favorite for all individuals
    never shallow happiness
    but make love’s trace
    life becomes a rainbow
    and allows
    the spring to continue
    and views it with the difference
    whether we like it or not
    sometimes we are caught
    with the sudden arrival of autumn
    but that is part of our life and shouldn’t concern
    everybody is wishing no grief
    but it shall remain only for the brief
    so wish that it comes soon
    so make life better with the blossom
    life and spring must align
    and reign
    Throughout the life span
    and turn in favor as we want
    (c) Dr. Hasmukh Mehta
    World Poet Laureate

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