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Poet Md. Hedaetul Islam. He is from Sirajganj, the heart of North Bengal, Bangladesh. While studying at Dhaka University, he is studying at a reputed Chinese university for higher studies with a scholarship from the Chinese government. Loves to travel, read books and write. Poems, songs, stories, poems, travel stories, dramas have already gained considerable fame in the country and international area. In addition to writing, he has a lot of achievements in sports in the country and in the international area. In addition, he is playing an important role in various important voluntary organizations at home and abroad. He is doing a lot for the welfare of humanity and wants to work for life. He is wishing blessings and blessings to all.

Wake Up Youth

Wake up youth,
use that youth.
Don’t lose youth,
don’t leave youth.
There is no fear,
do that, win.
Cry in the sorrow of the sorrowful,
work for the helpless.
The youth has succeeded, the youth can,
that youth leaves after conquering the world.




I still miss your look,

I still miss your famous international smile.

I still miss calling your dear favorite,

I still miss you when you wake up with a foreplay.

I miss the happy moments with you in sight,

I still miss your little whims.

I still miss your touch.

I still miss your celebration on my own day.

I still miss your walk holding my hand,

I still miss your sweet kisses.

I still miss each of your good deeds,

I still miss your crazy love.

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