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🌹✒️POETRYS – Khursheed Wani (India)✒️🌹

Khursheed Wani (India)

“A Beautiful Evening”
Khursheed Ahmad Wani
Pen Name: Mirza

I came across out-of-towners
All decked up in rich costumes
In awe of their etiquettes
I stood silent, drenched in sighs.

The party – in full swing, benignly lustrous
The duad nigh the barbie, full of beans
Fairy lights hanging on tent pegs
With a few lamps and chandeliers.

A bouquet of Innocent faces
Engaged in their naughtiness
Aha, asudden stepped in, a bevy of ladies
Convivial, sociable in all respects.

That murmur of a bunch of bezzies
All were busy in tittle-tattle an’ goss’
Folk songs were being sung. At times
A lyrical melody from the guitar, quite artis’.

We had a lot of fun, sharing jokes
Got to learn a lot, full of positive vibes
Turned sorrows into joys
A truly charming eve ‘twas.

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