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🌹✒️POETRYS – Jasenka Marija Leko✒️🌹

Jasenka Marija Leko

Jasenka Marija Leko was born in 1959. She writes and publishes for children and adults in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She attended a Master Class in Creative Writing in class of professor Bauer. She wrote for the magazine The Third Youth at the University of Zagreb. In KUD (Society of Arts and Culture) Dubrava she led the literary group. She was published in several anthologies and journals. She was a poetry guest on Radio Martin and in numerous Culture Societies. She contributes to humanitarian activities by reading poetry, mostly for children with special needs.

Give me a kiss
On my face
On my lips
For a good morning
In the evening, to sleep tight
All I ask is your kiss
I don’t need anything else
Your kiss brings me back to life
You are my life!
It gives me strength, happiness
It gives me…the best part of you
I want you to know
As long as you kiss me, I will never forget you
So give me one on my face
One on my lips
For a good morning
In the evening, to sleep tight
And…what about a hug?

I’m sailing
Looking up to the sky
I can’t see you
Looking into my soul – you’re not there
Peeking into my soul – can’t find you
Hoping you’re just hidden in the drop of my blood
Not there! You’re nowhere
I sail my boat on Neretva and Una
And there you are…
I see you in every drop of the water
You just smile and say, “Where have you been so long my dear, I have been waiting”
Finally I found you

I wish I could fly
I wish I could fly
Fly to the sky
To tell it how much I love you
Then back to your embracing shoulders
To land on your chest
To feel your hearbeat
To kiss you
I wish…

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