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From Banker to Author – Who would have imagined that a harrowing diagnosis of cancer could change your career and open up a whole new world?

Author Brenda Mohammed did not choose writing as her career, but is now celebrating her publication of 50 books.

It happened by chance.

Her writing journey began after her bout with cancer which almost killed her.

Miraculously, she survived after flying to Miami for treatment.

She wrote the book I AM CANCER FREE eight years after her near-death experience, and it became a best seller.

The book won an award in Readers Favorite International in 2018 in the category Health and Fitness.

Thereafter, she continued writing, and to date, has published 50 books in multi-genres.

She won several literary awards in the USA, Peru, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, Nigeria, India, Romania, Argentina, Ukraine, Morocco, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Barcelona, France, Switzerland, Italy, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and the UK.

Her genres include memoirs, science fiction, romance, self-help, mystery, children’s books, psychological thrillers, Christian books, poetry, and poetry anthologies.

Her fiction stories are filled with humor, mystery, suspense with mostly happy endings. Her memoirs of her Life as a Banker and her travels, are delightful.

Brenda’s Christian books are for end times – Chosen by the Creator, He is the One, Your Time is Now, and True Power of Love…

She is the Founder of the How to Write for Success Literary Network.

In May 2022, she was appointed President of Camara International Chamber of Writers and Artists Intercontinental [CIESART], for the Trinidad and Tobago office.

Brenda lives in Trinidad and Tobago with her husband and children. When not writing, she is travelling.

She loves to share her knowledge and wrote two books on How to Write for Success for new and aspiring authors.

She is an advocate for Peace, and Suicide Prevention, and Against Domestic Violence.

With several authors from her Facebook forum she published five anthologies for those purposes, and three magazines.

if you are an aspiring writer, you are welcome to join her Facebook Literary Forum – How to Write for Success Literary Network. POETRY BOOKS PUBLISHED BY BRENDA MOHAMMED are available on Amazon..

STRENGTH FOR THE DISHEARTENED: Motivational Poems – a collection of poems to motivate and inspire.
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DREAMS OF THE HEART: A Poetry Collection – a selection of a number of unique poems for romantic poetry lovers.
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A ROAD TRAVELLED: Poetry to Delight – the book features a wide range of inspirational poems on Love, Love’s woes, Travel, Happiness, and effects on life during lockdown at the time of CoVid 19. Get the book on Amazon at

SOOTHING POETRY in English and Spanish – The poems are didactic, fun to read, and full of hope and insight. The book is an Amazon No 1 bestseller in Spanish poetry.
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THE CHILD POET is a useful tool for parents, teachers, and children. This book speaks for itself when you look at the title on the cover.
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CHAOTIC TIMES: Poetry Vaccine for Covid 19 published jointly with Florabelle Lutchman topped the charts of Amazon and became bestseller No 1 in the USA, UK, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and Australia in Women’s Poetry. Get the book on Amazon at

SWEET MEDLEY: A Poetic Joy contains a medley of poems by Author Brenda Mohammed on varied subjects of life, love, and nature, as well as a number of tributes she received from members of the forum, ‘How to Write for Success’ of which she is Founder. The book also attained an Amazon bestseller No 1 rating in Poetry about love. Get the book on Amazon at

JUST FOR YOU: Poetic Flowers – contains poems of love, childhood, and sundry thoughts, as well as Love poems written by some of the members of the How to Write for Success Literary Forum of which she is the Founder. Another Amazon No 1 bestseller. Get the book on Amazon at

TRUTH -Too often truth is distorted or misinterpreted, and replaced by lies and misinformation. Both poetry and prose within this book are about truth. It attained Amazon’s No 1 bestseller ranking.
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TEATIME POETRY – A collection of different styles of poetry. Get it on Amazon at

TREASURED MEMORIES – A collection of travel poems that will motivate readers to achieve more in life. Get it on Amazon at

ISLANDS IN THE SUN – Poetic verses about Trinidad and Tobago, the author’s homeland. Get this book on Amazon at


Falling in love is like a downpour of rain.

You may try to prevent it but all in vain.

You can’t predict it but can see the signs.

It’s too late when with another your heart binds.

Love, like rain, does not choose the grass on which to fall.

Your heart does the choosing and makes the call.

There’s no stopping the rain when it starts to pour.

Love is like that when it reaches your door.

Couples are drenched with showers of love, like rain.

But when love dies, they become submerged with pain.

When you’re in love, you feel like dancing in the rain.

When betrayed by love, you never want to fall in love again.

Love challenges can be compared to heavy rains.

When love weakens, becomes stormy, and it wanes.

Don’t give up; pray for a strong umbrella.

If you value your love and want to stay together.

Copyright@Brenda Mohammed


Love is not a flurry of words describing sensual emotions.

Love is not a temporary thing; it’s a deep devotion.

The feelings love brings about are not surface deep.

They penetrate the heart with every heartbeat.

Marriage is an equal partnership and intimate union.

It’s a legal contract between a man and a woman.

It unites their lives legally, economically, and emotionally.

Love is the main factor that binds them securely.

No one is perfect, no one is better than the other.

When there are minor disagreements, don’t run off with another.

Simple words like, ’Thank You,” and “I’m sorry,” mean a lot.

Pay attention to what your loved one has to say; give it a shot.

Lies and broken promises should never be the norm.

Such deceit and selfish acts only bring about a storm.

Love needs work from both partners to grow.

Remember the proverb, “We reap what we sow.”

Copyright@Brenda Mohammed


Love is spiritual and binds us together.

In times of turmoil, we turn to each other.

In this life, each other we may never meet.

Yet, in the end, our friendship we will keep.

Integrity we must always maintain,

If life’s glory, we are to successfully sustain.

Why put ourselves through shame,

And on our name leave a big stain.

Pride and arrogance are not admirable traits.

Remember, after pride always comes disgrace.

Modesty and Humility are forms of godliness.

It’s not low self-esteem or a sense of unworthiness.

After humility comes wisdom, a quality difficult to define.

It’s a combination of many virtues and attributes sublime.

A wise person is unbiased, compassionate, and knowledgeable.

That person stands out as a leader who you’d want to follow.

Faith I have left for last but certainly not least.

Faith in each other and the Supreme must increase.

It is important for our survival on planet Earth.

Trust our Creator and our days will be filled with mirth.

Copyright@Brenda Mohammed

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