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🌹✒️POETRYS – Anna Ferriero (Italy)✒️🌹


Anna is an Italian poet for peace and cultural contamination. Anna Ferriero was named a WNWU member (member of the World Union of National Writers of Kazakhstan) by Muhammad Shanazar.
Since May 2019 she has been appointed internationally renowned poetess and administrator of the poetry group “POETRY OF GLOBAL VISION” by the Indian poet, lawyer, translator and researcher Vendhan Ezhil. He is a member of the International Writers Association IWA Bogdani. She is a member of the poets of the Albanian magazine ATUNISPOETRY directed by the Albanian poet Agron Shele. She has published two poetic collections (Magic of Love – Punto, Oltre l’Orizzinte) and two stories (The Crypt of Desires – Shadows in the Mirror). She has won numerous national and international awards and is featured in numerous national and international magazines, radio, online newspapers, reviews. She writes for numerous Italian, national and international newspapers and magazines. Her works have been translated into: Croatian, Serbian, English, Bosnian, Chinese, Palestinian Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Syrian Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Albanian, Hungarian, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian, Slovenian, Russian, Romanian, French, Bengali . From 31 August 2019 she is a member of VOCES Y PLUMAS DE UNAMOS AL MUNDO CON LA POESÍA – Centro de México en Vision Universal Radio directed by Leticia Guzmán, Cristina Gonzalez and AHdez Felipe. In 2020 she received the Doctor Honoris Causa degree Mil Mentes por Mexico

Editor su
Poeta presso La rivista The POET
Poetess presso Poetryzine- Una rivista online di poesia in inglese
Editore presso Papel y Lápiz
Doctor Honoris Causa en creatividad, humanidad y cultura 2020
Colaboradora de literatura e cultura femminile (Emma Fenu)
Global Ambassador/Board Advisor/Certified Mentor presso गृहस्वामिनी – Grihaswamini

Editore presso Azahar revista poetica

Editore presso Elektronski književni časopis „Enheduana” / Rivista letteraria Enheduana


Rappresentante presso GÜNCEL SANAT DERGİSİ

Team Member presso Global Poet and Poetry

Editore presso Yoga Magazine

Editore presso Yogayatra

Miembro honoraria de Maison Naaman pour culture presso Maison Naaman

Editor presso 中国作家协会主管

Editore presso

Director ejecutivo it Poesia della visione universale

Anna Ferriero (Italy)

SEA PETALS Breath of Spring
among the sunsets on the shores of the heart
a new verse is born
among the waves of my gaze.
Scent of candor
I gather on the horizon
and dew of Love
from the ink by the sea
plays looks of beauty
that collect elegance
I lapped with great hope.
Petals of Love
they dissolve terror
disserting new life:
Infinite rebirth


Respiro Primavera

fra i tramonti in riva al cuore

risboccia un nuovo verso

fra le onde del mio sguardo.

Profumo di candore

raccolgo all’Orizzonte

e rugiada dell’Amore

dall’inchiostro in riva al mare

suona sguardi di bellezza

che raccolgono eleganza

sciabordii di gran speranza.

Petali d’Amore

dissolvono terrore

dissertando nuova Vita:
Rinascita infinita

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