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🌹✒️POETRY & ARTS – Carmela Núñez Yukimura (Peru)✒️🌹

Carmela Núñez Yukimura

My name is Carmela Núñez Yukimura. I was born in Lima/Peru, but I live in Utah/ USA. I’m self-taught in poetry and painting. Since I was a child I won poetry, story and painting prizes. I am teacher of Language, Literature, Philosophy and Artistic Expression. I have received many awards for my art.


We are Vallejos scribbling in the wind
Virtual dictions in abysses of time
They are episodes of lived moments
Feeling that reach oblivion
Loves in sleeping memories.

Our footprints like your Cesar Vallejo
Beautiful emotions penetrate
Sincere words that spring from the soul
Awakening longings in sweet encounters
Providing pease in our verses
With tender poems on kissing mats
Ripping out what we carry deep inside.

We are a cultural cry at all times
We are free in our rhymes
Declaiming with simple, sonorous voices
Experiences in realities of the moment
We long to express in each letter
The feeling of an oppressed people
The injustices that shine in the firmament
That pain that is felt in the soul
Feeling to die in each lost step
We are Peruvian poeta
Living your essence dear brother.
All rights reserved .

The poet Cesar Vallejo is Peruvian and was one of the greatest Peruvian poets.


Artist : Carmela Nuñez
Country : Peru/ USA
Technique: watercolor
Measures : 30-22
Title: Loveless old lady

Technique: acrylic
Measures : 36-28
Title: Hard work

Technique: watercolor
Measures : 45-30
Title: A new way

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