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Creativity Is Humanities Algorithm


How Is This Creativity?…

Aside from being a good picture, it’s not. But take a good look. Are we doing what we can for our fellow Human Beings?

It speaks volumes, when we have Human Beings living like this…across the globe. Mental Health, Homeless, Substance Abuse, are ALL cries within Humanity. Are we listening? Are we doing something about it? Are we voting people in who care? Are we leaving it just up to the politicians to do something about this?

There must be ways in which we can CREATE a better existence for Human Beings going through this.

Thank you Lorna Little, for shining a light & your camera, on what many often choose to ignore. ~Maxwanette A Poetess

I share reality through my cell pictures. My thoughts and words when as I snapped this pic are below:
Cracks as defined- A narrow break, a FISSURE – a weakness or flaw caused by decay, age, or deficiency-
His feet reflect the cracks in the body and some aspects of the mind, it also reflects the cracks in a complex system that doesn’t support wellness. Cracks state that “free will” means you can be ill, unhoused, hungry, without a bathroom, and without mental health or substance abuse treatment. Why? Because it is allegedly not “fair” to assess and determine that someone needs to be directed to get help and support even when it is clear their capacity for safe and healthy decision-making is severely impaired and limited. Are we willing to recognize how these cracks in the current policies contribute to the inhumanity seen in this photo?
From cracks on the sidewalk -to the cracks on human feet to the cracks in common sense methods to help those in need of real guidance to repair and heal those life fissures. No one wants people placed against their will in uncaring or non-therapeutic environments, but people are dying while those who fight against adequate mental health programs state they shouldn’t have to live confined inside. The policies and lack of supportive housing confines them to live outside.
❤️ Lorna #ALittleGuidance #unhoused #mentalhealthawareness #systemicchange #affordablehousing
Written By: Lorna Little

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