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HAPPY KWANZAA – Kujichagulia! (Day 2)


Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)

Day 2 – 12/27/2022

“Know Thyself!” Know who YOU are. My name was given to me by my Mother, Maxine. It took years for me to come into myself. Then a bit more to come out of my shell. In a world that surrounded me with defeat, my name made sure I never stayed down, no matter the situation. As a child, I felt the name was too much, lol! As an adult, it fits me well, as I made it my own.”

In Latin, it means the “Greatest.” In Hebrew, it’s noted as “Macsima,” means “enchanted.” Maxine in Irish is “Macsín” – The meaning of Macsín is Greatest.

Names like Maxine:
Macon, Macsen, Maegan, Magan, Magana, Magena, Magna, Magni, Magnum, Mahogany, Maisyn, Majken, Makamae, Makana, Makani, Makanui, Makenna, Makimi, Maksim, Masami, Mason, Massimo, Masumi, Maxim, Maxima, Maxime, Maximo, Maxon, Mazikeen, Mazin

“Ain’t No Giving In,” by CHRONIXX
“Never GivingUp Or In! No matter the situation, giving up or giving in, is NEVER an option for me. Life’s toughest situations force me to be more Creative, and to find other solutions, even if that means creating them myself. Does it get tiring? Do I feel like I can’t do it? At times…yes. It’s wonderful having people cheering for you, encouraging you, and supporting you. One must also know how to cheer & encourage themselves, even when it’s silent. You have to be your own cheering sections at times. But that’s when I dig deeper, or something occurs, forcing me to change, grow, & continue to CREATE! I reinforce myself with The Most High, The Ancestors, My Mother, & My Prayer Team. “Kujichagulia-a-a-a-a!!! – Defeat Is Not An Option!!!” ~Maxwanette A Poetess




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