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🌹✒️🏆Maxwanette A Poetess – Is Receiving The Sarabita Masters Award!🏆✒️🌹



The Sarabita Masters Awards
Brought To You By Ah Time Ras Productions
Greetings to the world and Brooklyn NYC! It is an honor to celebrate the global impact that our sister Maxwanette A Poetess has created. It is one of largest creative community globally celebrating art, root and culture, & refreshing upliftment in the 195 countries around the world. On Friday December 16, 2022, at di Stratosphere 227 Utica Ave. Brooklyn’s Sarabita Dubpoetry movement and Ahtimerasproductions will be saying thanks with ah Sarabita Merit Award. Stay tuned, ah perfect love!”- Ras Atiba.


🌹✒️This? This Made My Day, My Night, My Midnight, My Twilight, lol!…✒️🌹

In my book, to be given a Sarabita Masters Award, is a badge I will wear with Honor, Respect, & Joy. It’s an accomplishment, that not everyone knows the value of, because it usually shines it’s eye, on those that aren’t out there, looking for nor feeding into the accolades.

It’s an award, based on what one has within, taking that, & sharing it with the world – no matter the experience. If you receive a Sarabita Masters Award & you’re not living up to it’s mirrored reflection, it will outshine you. You will either compliment it or it will leave you stagnant within your own dreams of make-believe. Either way, the reflective truth of your existence & who you are will be seen. You do not choose the Sarabita Masters Award…It chooses you.

Some live up to it, some hide behind it, some try to forget it, some even ignore & run from it. Oh, do not take this award lightly. The Sarabita Masters Award, is a sealed stamp, that one is conscious, dedicated, & genuinely engulfed with the task one is designed & created with, to do the works destined for oneself from The Most High & The Ancestors. The Sarabita Masters Award says, we see you, we love & appreciate you, keep doing the works, blessed.

Ras Atiba, I refer to him as Ivy, is a mentor of mine, not by choice, but by destined actions, responses, & movements within life…The choice made itself, lol! It simply is. One of his quotes that I still & will always carry with me, is as follows; “When your intentions are good, don’t worry about the outcomes.” How true this quote rings through, time & time again, even now, as Hurricane Ian has touched my life, in ways I never imagined.
There are many awards, this is true, and more to come. None, will mean as much to me as The Sarabita Masters Award…It’s an acknowledgement of Humanity and my role in it. Also, being Brooklyn-Born, growing up in Flatbush, attending Wingate High School, this award coming from my old neighborhood, my stomping grounds, one of my bootcamps in life…
It’s PRICELESS…”Never Give-Up, Never Give-In.”

Blessings & Many Thanks to Ahtimerasproductions, The Sarabita Masters Awards, & to Ras Atiba aka Emile Ivy (((BOWING GRACEFULLY))).
~Maxwanette A Poetess
“Namastè & One Love”☀️❤💛💚☀️

Ras Atiba aka Emile Ivy, of
Ah Time Ras Productions

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