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🌹🎉🏆Surprised, Blessed, & Honored🏆🎉🌹


“Funny thing happened to me on the way to the mic…I never knew about N1M. It was my wonderful & dear friend Noreen Ann Snyder that put me on to them, and as they say, “The rest is history.” Thanks again Noreen. See, I don’t really focus on promoting myself as much as I probably should. I get my joys & satisfactions by helping & promoting others. It’s simply a good thing to do, that rains blessings and positivity. So, anytime the spotlight I shine on so many, mirrors and shines reflectively on me? It’s a shockingly & beautiful thing…I didn’t even know, my poetry was reaching people like that. It’s darn right humbling. Thanks N1M, all of my supporters, friends, family, haters (yes you too, gotta have an even balance, lol!). I also would like to add a special thank you for those who pulled & a few forced me out of my cocoon; My Sister Denise Bryan, my Nephew Dominique McCloggan, Antonia Valaire, Richie Innocent, Ras Atiba, Bob McNeil, Craig Kirkland, Anord Sichinsambwe, Ras Igel, Timi Oki, Cherry Natural , The Real Stuff Podcast, and it meant the world to hear my eldest child say, “Mommy, I’m proud of you.” Words talk, they’re powerful, & it’s “Poetry, Of The Soul.”~Maxwanette A Poetess

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