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🌹✒️🇺🇿POETRYS – Nigora Muhammad (Uzbekistan)🇺🇿✒️🌹

Nigora Muhammad

Nigora Muhammad was born on December 9, 1996 in the Namangan region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. She is a student of the Faculty of World Languages of Namangan State University. Her poems were published in various newspapers and anthologies.


Whatever you want is your choice
You are right today and left next day
You are coming whenever you want
And you are going whenever you want

With a lot of sweat on its chest
My unfulfilled wish grew steeply.
A fire burned in my heart
But I did not share it with anyone

If I am full, I am quietly poured,
If I die, nobody must cry
I lived and I am living
If that’s what living is

My reflection is in the word
My heart is in autumn
I don’t have it at all
Only you have the heart.

Whatever you want is your choice

Nigora Muhammad


Questions burning my heart
If I ask, looking at you
What are you looking for?
What do you want?

What do you need?
Here is Chopin, here is Berg,
Here is the rain, here is freedom
Here is Mozart, here is Jack…

Is Sea the limit of your heart?
Does it pant and flow?
Does it just look sad?
Do you like the winds?

The winds sing a song,
The grass sheds tears,
Your gaze falls on the ground
What pleases your heart?

Here is the sea, here is the stream,
Here is the sky, here is the moon,
Here is the bright land,
Here is unbridled beauty.

Here is a particle, here is the most,
Here is complexity, here is simplicity,
Or if you want love
Here is the soul, here I am.

Nigora Muhammad

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