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It takes one to build a house, but to build a home, it takes two. How about building an empire, how many people does it take? How many people and days would it take to build Rome, since the saying goes; “Rome wasn’t built in day,” how many? I guess the answer isn’t known by many.

What matters now, perhaps, is a team you can rely on. I mean, we all have our strengths and if we combine the strengths, we become giants of this world. As VaChikepe And The Hundred Sailors, I believe we’re a team that can become gigantic as long as we believe and work for our common goal.

Our common goal is defined by our vision, mission and core values and believe you me, we haven’t begun yet. The moment we become giants, nobody will even dare to stop us.

I’m @DA_Scripta and without the empire being built by VaChikepe And The Hundred Sailors, you wouldn’t have known me.

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Martin Chivaku @DA_Scripta
Marketing and Digital Strategy Director
VaChikepe And The Hundred Sailors

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