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🌹✍🏾Poetry’s – The Fertile Brains✍🏾🌹

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#thefertilebrains poetry gig with the new year beginning – 2022, the resolution resounded with ecstatic smiles overwhelming rapture, wishes for the positivity, humanity, and elimination of evil from these mundane realms have been voiced out by esteemed luminaries of repute, guest chaired by honourable Kumud Bala ma’am as a chief special guest of honour put her words into a rhythmic rhapsody, equally resonated the euphoric magical touch by chief guest of honour honourable Roopali Sircar Gaur, and yes, with a vibrant speech by the honourable member and a man of excellence Mr Arindam Roy, The delivery of poems by guest participants #the Sunday, night scintillated ever to recall the day – 2nd of January 2022.
I must admit that this extravaganza cannot be unspeakable, if it had not been organised by the team of the fertile brains, who, put their heart to be together and hold the mic to call upon respective poets during their lap. I take this opportunity to humbly thank all the poets, guests and the team members Shilpa A Shah didi Sunita Hussain didi Jayashree Trao didi Satish Srivastava sir Maria Elvira Fernandes Correia ma’am Gelda Castro maam Ekta Ahuja maam Divya Onkari and yes, the host for the entire programme who with here mesmerising smile taken forward the proceedings with aplomb, who is none other than the beautiful Ms Sasha Banhotra, I, specially thank her for conducting the event gracefully. My gratitude also extends to surprise guests, who dazzled at the end of the session, honourable Annette Tarpley, only a few snapshots surfaced as everyone lost in a poetic spell. I thank every honourable poet for gracing the occasion and making the event a grand success.

Thank you

Here is the list of some guest poets

Pankhuri Sinha
Mick Mezza
Jennifer Garnatz
Daniel Philip Brady
Basudev Paul
Mildred Par
Ven-Lyn A. ValdezVen-Lyn A. ValdezVen-Lyn A. ValdezVen-Lyn A. Valdez
Syed Perwaiz Ahmad
Dr.Shamenaz Shaikh
Prashanthi Susha
Tom Edward Phillips
Isaac Cohen
Dr Tangirala SreeLatha
Yakshaya K
Renukuntla Murali
Sai Prakash
Pantas Pangihutan
@Setuluri Padmavati
Mohan lal varma
Lopamudra Mishra
Prasanna Bhatta
Gangalaxmi Patnaik
Molly Joseph
Joan Santillan Amurao
Harinder Cheema
Layeba Humanity First
@Debra SMascarenhas
Nishat Jabeen
Binod Dawadi
Kalipada Ghosh
Dr Shalini yadav
Tejeswani Patel
Dolares lapinid
Dr. Janata Ramanathan
Manju Mann
Parthita Dutta
Dr. Manisha Singh
Jayashree Roy
@Riri satria
Aarti Mittal

The Cast of Poets

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