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As I lay resting, this piece came to fruition…

“I AM” – A Brief Epiphany
By Maxwanette A Poetess

Today someone asked me if I am a Christian.
A few months ago, I was asked if I am a Rastafarian.
I once had someone assume I was even an Atheist, lol! Oh the list goes on & on.
If you are easily offended? Stop reading now, lol…

Why do people feel it’s a required necessity to know what I represent,
my sexual preference, who I vote for, who I choose to date, etc?
Why do you assume, I owe you an answer?
Read this carefully for those who are confused…
“Mind your own gotdayum business.”

Why are so many people, in the personal business of others?
Do not concern yourself with what does not concern you.
Many have their priorities & focal points wrapped in negative chaos. You need to unravel & revel in freedom.

We are in a world where one is categorized & treated in a variety of ways,
based on these questions and more.
Religious people fight & argue over which religion is better than which,
depending on who you are intimate with, you gain a label, and treatment to boot.
And need I speak on how people treat one another, based on which political party they choose???

My word, have we as Human Beings learned NOTHING???
With all the madness of COVID, illness, deaths, & losses,
are we still stuck in this matrixed mentality?
Obviously so.

I do not represent labels or categories, that bypass the Pineal Gland. I represent the “Knowledge of Self,”
Love, Life, Existence, The Most High, The Ancestors, & My Mother.
I do not attach myself to the explanations of others.

So to answer the questions,
so stupidly & ignorantly asked,
My response is…”I AM.”

©️Maxwanette A Poetess 01/05/2022 (#3)

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