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🌹✍🏾Poetrys’ – Lucille A LaRoche✍🏾🌹

The tide was low
The Sea was still tumultuous
The waves breaking against the shore
Singing their song of lament
After a seasonal storm

Sun rays piercing through
Grey billowing clouds
Breaking the shadow of the storm~

The Sea breeze still crisp
Captured within her raven hair
As She stood there
Lost within her thoughts

Lens towards the horizon
Of unison of the Heavens and the Sea
An Infinite space where time resides

From a distance
Is this where Eternity Exist
On Another Shoreline?

Adrift at Sea
With Her friend the Sea
Her Friend of all Seasons

Adrift at Sea

with her friend the Sea

Lucille A LaRoche

Lucy by the Sea
© all rights reserved
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