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🌹✍🏾Poetry’s – Kkumar Prasanna✍🏾🌹

Title: friends forever

We started counting
minutes and rolling hours,
the value and it’s lost worth,
we tried to gather
the bits and pieces,
we moved ahead
far away
from where,
we recall those tiny musings,
we were like flower
and bee in the garden of Eden,
we were married
with the fragrance of bliss
as we got together
making the honey of romance,
the times
gave a smack of arduous tasks,
imbalanced ourselves
to maintain the pace
over the waves
of life,
the ship of courtship fell apart,
leaving us
to gather tidbits of things,
we tried to patch
the upholstery of relationship,
a lot has changed
to make up the gap,
we resolved
to fill the vacuum
by being friends
as ever
for the rest of breath,
until the last hour

©Prasanna Kkumar
Image source: google

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