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🇯🇲✍🏾Jamaican Dub Poet Master: Cherry Natural✍🏾🇯🇲


Cherry Natural, Jamaica’s leading female Performance Dub Poet, Writer, Self Defense Instructor and Motivational Speaker for adults & children. She also does workshops on poetry and self-defense locally and internationally. This includes helping to organize and participate in the Jamaican Poet Laureate Lorna Goodison annual summer programme for inner-city youths.

Her body of work symbolizes her commitment to writing, not only about social commentary but also the upliftment of women and children. Providing insights into the soul of a female ‘warrior’ determine to walk the arduous path of seeking knowledge and truth.

Her examination of social issues is used to inspire her audience to shape a new perspective and strategy in an increasingly materialistic and superficial world.

She has written three books entitled ‘Come mek we reason’, ‘Earth Woman’ and ‘The Lyrical Contortionist’.’ She also has two CD’s ‘Earth Woman” and “Intellectual Bad Gal”, and an EP completed recently. She is currently working on her third Album to be release in January 2021.

She has travelled to various Universities, Colleges, Prisons and youth clubs in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean. In the UK she was a Poet in Resident for three months representing the Caribbean. Her collection of work has been used as the basis for a PHD thesis done by Professor John Guluska at the Indiana University in the United Stated of America.

She has represented Jamaica at various festivals and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2019 International Reggae and World Music Awards, IRAWMA, in the Mutabaruka category for Best Spoken Word Poet and The Qorihc Award, 2019 honoring influential women the music industry in Jamaica.

Cherry Natural is a Jamaican dub poet, author, motivational speaker and self-defense instructor. She has published three books of poetry and in received the Mutabaruka Award for Best Spoken Word Poet at the International Reggae & World Music Awards in 2019.


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