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✍🏾🌹Poetrys – William S. Peters Sr.🌹✍🏾

here we go

we have been held down for so long,
but that is alright,
and we thank you for all the unnecessary hardships
you have put upon our people
for it has made us that much stronger

we are survivors

the day will come
as sure as the pendulum of a clock
swings back and forth . . .
when we will rise again
to take our rightful place
as a respected,
segment of humanity . . .

it is inevitable
we are the “hued man”
our color is undeniable
this is our gift !

so here we go,
we are marching down that road
that seems to have no end,
but i know,
as sure as there is creation
as sure as there is a Creator
that this journey does not last . . . always
and the destination will come about
and those same unnecessary challenges and hardships
we have endured
far too long
will come to pass . . .

so . . .
won’t you join us ?
hand in hand,
heart in heart ?
this is for the good of the whole

so . . . here we go

when 1 suffers, all suffer

© 2 February 2015 : william s. peters, sr.


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